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CoverMyScripts provides prescription advocate programs for over 1,500 drugs. Contact us at 1.877.336.0126 today, or learn more about us below.

We created the Medication Assistance Program because we saw first hand how many Americans were suffering with their unaffordable medications.


It was heartbreaking to see how so many people had to make choices in their daily lives on whether to pay for their medications or sacrifice living expenses such as food or rent.


We decided to take action, we felt by combining our technology along with knowledgeable compassionate medication advocates, we could help make a difference.


There are many available programs working directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers and foundations to provide people in need of medications for free or at a very low cost.


Our team of medication advocates are here to help assist in finding the right program for you. We take the confusion out of how to navigate through this often complicated process and work closely with you the whole way through. We make sure that your medications are received ongoing, to your door or your doctor's office depending on the manufacturer's requirements.

Let us provide you a free assessment to see if you qualify. We strive to help you relieve the stress in your life that's unnecessary and gain access to low or no cost medications.


Our mission is to make a difference and we are here to help! 


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