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How It Works


We work with you and your doctors to prepare each application. Once prepared, we file your applications with each pharmaceutical company on your behalf.


We follow up with each pharmaceutical company on a regular basis to ensure that your applications have been received and are being processed.


Once approved, we handle all ongoing work associated with each medication, this includes managing your refills to ensure you never go without medication.


Once approved, the pharmaceutical manufacturer provides your medications for free, you only pay our service fee.


CoverMyScripts will send a package to your home requesting information about your income.  We will prequalify you for each year in advance to make sure you receive your medications in a timely manner.


The CoverMyScripts service fee is $10-$50 per month for each medication. Patients will be required to have a credit card on file. There are no additional charges associated with the medication or our services. 

Search by generic or brand-name medication for availability below:
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